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Our Services

Combining the best of inside and outside sales expertise, Parker Industrial Supply can provide support and solutions to those in the field, as well as those that walk in the door. Due to our ample inventory and same-day access to over 100,000 items, we can provide unparalleled support for any customer needs.

But Parker Industrial Supply provides more than just competitive pricing, quality products, and unrivaled support—we also maintain the connections and provide solutions that allow us to be the premier managers of your fastener, safety, and industrial inventory. Our goal only goal is to provide great products and great service. No quotas, no sales goals, no headaches—just quality service provided by people that know the products being used.

A unique aspect of Parker Industrial Supply is that we don’t have the same corporate rules or restrictions that prevent us from doing our job. Because we aren’t restricted by shareholders or outside investors we believe in smaller minimums, shorter lead-times, and better pricing. All of which seem to help the customer, and help us be a better business.

While admirable companies are cutting costs to improve margins and drive up that all-important ROI, we often talk to customers that are more interested in helping us build a brand fit for the long haul.

Same-Day VMI

With Parker Industrial Supply, you don’t have to wait for VMI items to be shipped to us in order for them to fill your empty shelves. We mirror your inventory to provide unmatched support to our customers. With Parker Industrial Supply’s Same-Day VMI, we write orders that morning, and deliver those items that same day—no waiting, no backorders, no lines down. Due to our inventory mirroring, we are more capable than anyone of providing you with the products that you need exactly when you need them.